19 August 2011

China and the Yangzi River with Abercrombie and Kent, an educational tour for travel agents

On our very long ride from Jackson to Atlanta to Seattle to Beijing we discovered Delta Airlines offers an Asian version of its standard pasty personal pizza slice served in little sealed boxes on westbound transatlantic flights about an our before arrival. Passengers flying to China get a personal mini-carton enshrining a warmed-over wrap filled with a thickened mixture of chickpeas and spicy tomato. As with their pizza, after a couple of bites, you wonder if it might be nicer to eat the carton.

Hosta Blooms ~ White

We arrived two days before the tour begins so we can adjust to the 11 hour time difference here. Welcoming white flowering Hostas cover acres of Beiging cityscape.The Regent Hotel Beijing, at the cost of a Hampton Inn back home, offers sumptuous comforts in bed, bath, and breakfast. Their enormous health center gym and pool complex melts away jet lag with soothing soaking pools, cold water plunge pool, 26 meter indoor swimming pool, steam room, and sauna--all complimentary.