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BMA Alumni and Friends Greece Tour

Monemvasia Doorway with Flowers

Bass Memorial Academy Alumni and Friends enjoyed 10 days of May sunshine and pleasant temperatures in Greece. Our arrival was inconvenienced by an extra hour and a half of bus transfer from the airport to Hotel Center Square. Traffic in the streets of Athens halted because of protests in Syntagma Square against the government's financial austerity measures. But we quickly forgot traffic when the hotel owner/manager presented us with a heavy gift box of baklava from the best pastry shop in the city.

BMA Alumni & Friends France Tour

Eiffel SparkleCarolyn , Annice, & Ryan in Dinan

Forty-three participants responded promptly to our short-notice offer and met in Paris on February 27 for a long weekend, busy with museums, shops, bistros, bakeries, boats, and tower. Then "Rafik" took us by coach on an off-season drive through the Loire Valley so we could visit elegantly comfortable Château de Chenonceau and grandly drafty Château de Chambord.

Buenos Aires and Uruguay Visit

DSCN8511 DSCN7930 DSCN8069

We've just returned from our first visit to Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil. December there means summertime so we enjoyed two seasons of fresh peaches in 2008! We learned that populations in Argentina and Uruguay descend predominantly from Spanish and Italian immigrants. The architecture is heavily influenced by old world Europe, and very skillful iron work ornaments so many windows and balconies.

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