Venice Quick Info

Venice IS the sight! It's an island. You can't get very lost. There are now 4 bridges over the Grand Canal:a new one connecting Piazzale Roma with the train station, one at the train station [Ferrovia or FS], the Rialto in the middle, and the wooden Accademia bridge closest to the mouth of the Grand Canal. Yellow directional signs help.Ferrovia, FS and Piazzale Roma are upper north west, Rialto is central and Piazza San Marco is south east.

Tourist i ~southwest corner of Piazza San Marco~ask for map,schedule of current events, list of current museum/church hours. Newstands have more detailed maps.

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leather bound books

Shopping areas

Rialto Bridge markets
Merceria-between St. Mark's and Rialto
Behind St Mark's Square to the west
Strada Nuova

What to do in Venice

Ride a vaporetto on the Grand Canal
early or late, day or night, both ways out into the lagoon and back
Doges Palace/Correr Museum same ticket, two locations
Original horses in St. Mark's view up close, mosaics inside, view out over square
Campanile di San Marco tower in S. Mark's square, elevator to top, great view
Rialto Bridge area produce market/street stalls
Gondola workshop
Santa Elena untouristy leafy residential area in the fish's tail
Galleria dell'Accademia treasure house of Venetian paintings
Scuola di San Rocco 54 paintings by Tintoretto, scenes from OT & NT
Naval Museum 4 stories of Venetian & Italian navies, gondolas, shells, Arsenale
Other islands:Burano>Murano>Torcello>Lido Vaporetto from Fondamenta Nuove


Basilica di San Marcocreation & flood mosaics in foyer, cut stone mosaics in floor
Santa Maria Gloriosa dei FrariTitian's Assumption, Donatello's John the Baptist
Santa Maria della Salute 1630, fine marble floor, Titian's OT paintings in sacristy
Santa Maria dei Miracoli small Renaissance jewel, colored marble inside & out
Santi Giovanni e Paolo Gothic, very large, lots of sculpture, Doge's tombs inside
San Giorgio Maggiore Palladio, Tintoretto's Last Supper elevator to top for view

Venice Restaurants

La Zucca Ponte del Megio, Santa Croce t. 041/5241570
Ai Sportivi Campo Santa Margherita,Dosoduro3052 t.041/5211598

Ai Barbacani Calle del paradiso 5746, Castello t. 041/5210234
Il Refolo Santa Croce,1459 t.041/5240016"sublime pizza" near La Zucca
Ostaria da Rioba Cannaregio,2553 t.041/5244379 canalside dining near Tintoretto's house
Osteria Da Alberto Cannaregio 5401 near SM Miracoli t.041/ 5238153
Algiubagio Cannaregio Fondamente Nove 5039 t.041/5236084
Al Mascaron Santa Maria Formosa Castello 5225 t.041/5225995
Cip Ciap Santa Maria Formosa Castello great on the street pizza
Al Covo Campiello della Pescaria, Castello t.041/52.23.812
da Sandro PizzeriaSan Polo Campiello Meloni t.041/5234894
La Donna Onesta Dorsoduro3922 near Campo Marguerita between S. Pantalon and S. Toma' t.041/5229586
Vini da Gigio Fondamento della Chiesa San Felice just off Strada Nuovo t. 041/5285140
Alle Oche Calle del Tintor 1552 Santa Croce, just S. of C. San Giacomo dellíOrio t. 041/524.1161 pizzeria
Marchini Time Caffetteria Pasticceria San Marco 4589 t. 041/2419953

Pasticceria Didovich Campo S Marina 5908 t. 041/5230017


Nico Zattere
Boutique del Gelato Salizzada S. Lio
Grom two locations Campo San Barnaba Dorsoduro 2761 and Strada Nuova